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VueScan is a leading scanner software that allows you to do powerful scans from just about any scanner on the market - even a lot of older scanners. The test was done with an older Agfa SnapScan 1212u on a MacBook.

VueScan is extremely easy to use. Just start it up and make sure your scanner is plugged in and you can start scanning straight on. There is no need to be afraid of the need to find drivers because with VueScan they weren’t needed. I was very impressed with that because I was using an older scanner I knew I didn’t have the drivers and certainly not for the Mac that I now have.

After starting up VueScan on your computer, you are greeted with the first screen that allows you to control some basic options in a tab layout for the different sections; Input, Crop, Filter, Color, Output and Preferences. If you want to get greater control over the input settings you can hit a button that says “More” at the bottom and you will get full options that will allow you to fine-tune your scan into the utmost detail.

VueScan Review: Mainscreen

How easy is it to use?

As said, VueScan is extremely easy to use and don’t require any real knowledge of scanning or settings to be able to use it to scan, so that means that just about anyone can use it to get high-quality scans.

For the advanced scanner or professional that requires a lot of options and fine-tuning options, this program will allow you to do just that, everything from the type of media you are scanning with the DPI to the output and it can also do OCR scanning so that you can get your text documents to editable text on the fly.

VueScan Review: Guide


The user interface is extremely simple, putting the options and the scanning in the focus. It consists of a small sidebar on the left where all the options are and a big area to the right where your scan and preview will appear. The simplistic interface works really well in this program and it makes it really easy to scan using it.

VueScan Review: Simple Filter

Scan Quality

Using VueScan it is very easy to scan booth images and photographs and text as well as magazines at a very high quality. They all come out as clear scans without loosing any punch from the original image.

You can chose the DPI which the scanner scans in from the settings as well as a number of mentioned settings in a tab menu where each section has booth the simple settings as well as the advanced, pro, settings. So whether you scan text or photos you are going to be happy with the scans you get.

VueScan Review: Simple Crop


You have a number of set media types; Color Photo, B/W photo, Line Art, Text, Magazine and Newspaper. The last two are optimized for their certain types of media. You also have greater control over the color settings, crop, input and output settings.

VueScan Review: Advanced Output

For the output, VueScan can handle outputting the document straight to the printer or scan to file (and some other options as well). When scanning to a file you have a lot of output controls on how and where the document will be created. You can scan to tiff, jpeg, pdf, ocr and raw files, depending on the need with further options available when selecting the file format you want to save in. You can also save in multiple formats at the same time.

VueScan Review: Advanced Color


I was really impressed with VueScan and how easy it was to use even the first time you were using it seeing as I just plugged in my scanner and it just worked when I started the programs. It works really well, producing nice scans at the basic settings without adjusting too much and at the same time it gives advanced scanners enough options for their needs. All in all, VueScan is a great scanner software that I now grown to love over all the other ones I’ve used before that didn’t satisfy me in the way you used them. VueScan I think has done it all right!

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